In that year a German company, specialized in producing high quality leather equestrian products (including horse saddles), decided to add sports balls to its portfolio! The growing popularity of ball games in Europe led to this remarkable initiative.

According to the owners the brand name of the newborn should refer to both the core business of the company, being equestrianism (‘Derby’), as well as the high quality standard applied to all products (‘Star’). And thus the name DERBYSTAR was created.

Due to the success of the sports balls department, the activities were separated and transferred into the newly formed company DERBYSTAR. This took place in December 1968.

As of day one the company specialized in the fabrication of handmade sports balls. The goal was to provide the various hand- and football sports with excellent sporting equipment and to continuously further develop and improve the quality. As a result of its innovative strategy, DERBYSTAR was, by the end of the seventies, one of the first manufacturers who began using synthetic materials instead of the famous ‘leather’.
This decision was revolutionary.

At the beginning of the seventies the manufacturing process was partly moved to Hungary and in 1976 the first contacts in Pakistan were established. Following the very positive experiences in Pakistan, production capacity was gradually increased, as a result of which manufacturing in Hungary ceased in 1983. At that time only the Top model was still made in the German hometown Goch (Niederrhein), with the sewing taking place in the Eifel mountains. By the end of the 80’s however this also came to an end; since then all balls are being (manually) manufactured in Pakistan.

Due to their high quality the DERBYSTAR footballs have played an important role in the German Bundesliga as of its inception.

Following the adoption of the ball by several leading German teams, DERBYSTAR was exclusively played with by all clubs in the 1. Bundesliga in the season 1979/80.

Since then the brand has lost some ground in professional German football due to the big sponsoring budgets of competing brands, but many Top coaches and players (in- and outside Germany) still consider DERBYSTAR to be the best football worldwide available, therewith qualifying DERBYSTAR as THE BALL.