A special quality proof for our products however is our social commitment. Since 2005 DERBYSTAR is the only well-known ball manufacturer worldwide that is a so-called Fairtrade License Partner. This implies that its manufacturing plant in Pakistan was judged and officially certified by the FLO (Fairtrade Labour Organization).

Our social commitment pays out. Also for the sewers.

In Europe the costs of manual work labor are far too high. For this reason DERBYSTAR, like many of its colleagues, manufactures its footballs in Asia. Since 1977 DERBYSTAR operates on an exclusive basis with a domestic production partner in Sialkot/Pakistan, together with the company continuously develops new materials, manufacturing and quality inspection procedures. This longstanding exclusivity forms the basis for the legendary DERBYSTAR quality.

Together with its partner enterprise in Pakistan, DERBYSTAR has initiated and financed numerous social security benefits for the sewers and their families, at a level which lies well above the national average. It is needless to say that any child labor is prohibited.

The sewers and their families receive a higher than average pay, free lunch, paid vacation days and the security of a pension fund. All children of the sewers families can attend school due to a sponsored program which started in 1995. Another program has secured that all sewers and their families, by now more than 3,300 people, receive healthcare.