DERBYSTAR is the only brand worldwide that has developed a specific range of balls for young players.

This implies that the size and weight of these balls has been finetuned to the age (and therewith physical strength) of the players: the ‘Light’ for the age-groups 9 to 12 years and the ‘S-light’ for the age-groups 5 to 8 years.

Of course there is a good reason for this. A normal ball with size 5 (weight up to 450 gram) is simply much too heavy in relation to the bodyweight of a child and a lighter but smaller sized ball is more difficult to play with.

The weight problem becomes apparent in particular with corner kicks, free kicks and long passes. Often these come to an end halfway. Additionally heading a ball is, understandably, not amongst the favourite activities of youth football players.

At the same time a smaller ball (Size 3) is more difficult to kick and does not contribute to the joy of playing the game.

Children therefore prefer playing with normal sized but lighter balls. They learn faster to get a better control of the ball and the attractiveness of the game is also increased.

Both the German and the Dutch FA officially recommend young players to play with light balls.

The DERBYSTAR ‘Light’ is available in size 5 and weighs approximately 350 gram.

The DERBYSTAR ‘S-light’ is available in size 4 and 5 and weighs approximately 290 gram.